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Breaking the Cycle of Child Sexual Abuse

Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

If you are, or were, a child when someone older than you touched you, had you touch them, exposed themselves to you, photographed you, or spoke to you in a sexual way, then you are a victim of molest, or child sexual abuse. 
Regardless of whether this inappropriate behavior was imposed upon you once, or repeatedly, by one party or several, the damage to a child runs deep. As well as the response to the physical acts forced upon you, there is often psychological damage that can take a long time to recover from. 
Parents United offers group meetings with other victims of child sexual abuse because although the thought of sharing this intimate information in a group can be scary, group treatment is the most effective long-term treatment for victims
This is a safe place for everyone to come to realize they are not alone, even though each person's experience is different, the violation has been felt by everyone in the group. Here you can come to terms with what has happened to you, deal with the emotional scars, and work on recovery while forming healthy boundaries for future relationships. 
Nobody has the right to make you feel uncomfortable or to take from you what you are not willing to give. 
If this has happened to you, tell someone. If they do not believe you, keep telling until you find someone who believes you and will help. You can also call the numbers listed beside where you will find people who believe you and who will help. 

Child Protective Services 

24-hour phone line 

(209) 558-3665


1 (800) 558-3665

Parents United

(209) 524-4858

What has happened is not your fault. You are not responsible for keeping it a secret from any one. You are only responsible for yourself, for telling the truth, and getting the help you need to be safe.