Parents United

Breaking the Cycle of Child Sexual Abuse


If you have committed a sexual crime against a child, whether you have been convicted or not or if you have never acted out but find yourself noticing any minor child in an inappropriate way, this section is for you. We have lots of volunteer attendees who have never been convicted, and some who have not acted but notice an impulse to do so. You are still welcome and this section has information you may want.

Often we act out and do not always understand why. It can be difficult to understand what the consequences of our actions will be, to us, our family, or those we have acted out upon.

Parents United offers offender groups that work with you in order to help you understand your actions and, help to figure out how to keep yourself from acting out again. With these gained Understandings, Perspectives, as well as Healthy Boundaries and Behaviors, you can try to repair your now damaged relationships while building new ones that will be fulfilling.

There are many reasons for attending and completing the Parents United Offenders Program.

• Personal growth

• Understand why you acted out this way

• True acceptance of the fact that your life is not over but it is time to make a change

• Knowledge to keep you from acting out in the future.

• Understand the effects your actions had on others including

- Your victim

- Your family

- Your loved ones

- And you

Completing this program means you have come to truly empathize with the feelings of others, which helps you move forward with your life, and ultimately help those who have been effected move forward with theirs.

Once you have graduated the program, a Certificate of Completion is issued in your name. This certificate may assist you in having your restrictions reduced or lifted and because of the tremendous success Parents United has, it is recognized in legal and civil court.

This program can only help EVERYONE in the situation you now find yourself.